About Karen

Hi, my name is Karen Scanlen.

I'm a registerd nurse with qualifications in sexual and reproductive health and a registered midwife with extensive experience working in antenatal and postnatal settings.

In recent years childbirth and parenting education has also become a passion and I have a combined total of over 30 years working with women, birthing partners and their families. Gaining qualifications in hypnobirthing has definitely been a highlight.

It seemed like a natural progression for me to obtain my doula certification. This allows me the privilege of following my clients beyond their antenatal preparation, by supporting them on their birthing day and beyond in a non clinical nurturing role.

Embracing Birth represents everything I love about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Our Services

Embracing Birth is continuing to expand its services to meet client demand. Schedule of fees available on enquiry. Gift vouchers available.

Childbirth and Parenting Education

With knowledge, fear and anxiety is reduced and replaced with Joy and anticipation for the pending birth and parenting days ahead

Traditional model of care classes

Embracing Birth provides private tuition to prepare couples for their child birth and parenting journey

Caesarean Birth

2 hour information sessions.To prepare you for your surgery and post operative recovery.

Doula Service

Supports pregnant and birthing women in a non clinical nurturing role

Birth Debrief

Talking to someone about your birth experience can help to gain perspective and growth

Support Groups

Our group brings pregnant and new mums together to learn from each other.

Hypnobirthing Australia Programs

Hypnobirthing Australia programs are designed for the contemporary Australian woman and her birthing partner.

Through the use of hypnosis and associated techniques to let go of fear and condition ourselves to release favourable hormones, women are provided with the knowledge and tools for a positive birth and experience.

Hypnobirthing uses a combination of breathing, relaxation, visualization and affirmations to create an optimal enviroment for birth. Embracing Birth has provided me with the opportunity to support women and their birthing partners through a variety of consultation and course options, suitable to accommodate our busy lifestyles and needs.