Birth debriefing­ – Why is it important?

September 18, 2015

Proper and authentic birth debriefing sessions are very important for a woman who have just had a traumatic experience or a not­so­good experience at giving birth. The debriefing sessions offer some kind of relief by constantly talking about your experience and explaining why it happened what happened. And trust me, it helps. It actually helps the mothers a lot. Talking about your fears and weaknesses to an expert reduces them to a great degree. But you have to be very careful about choosing the person with whom you can discuss such things. This is a sensitive issues and it will affect the relationship between the mother and her baby. So, make sure you go to a professional and experienced birth debriefing specialist for your postnatal counselling.

If somebody asks me, I will say that birth debriefing is important. Why? This is because your experience will affect your relationship and the way your feel about your child. If you have not been much happy with the whole experience, chances are, you won’t feel good about your baby. And this may increase in the near future. Now, you get me, don’t you?

Many women take the whole childbirth experience as quite painful and not something of Nature’s beautiful gift. Even if it is partly true, but the most of it generally the by products of our fears. We hear all about the complexities in childbirth and we become afraid. Then when the time comes and we are in the OT, ready to give birth to our own child, all those words and stories come pouring down like a blizzard, almost choking us in fear. Our body has this tendency to enter into a fight­or- flight mode when we are afraid. And, this prevents blood circulation to the uterus, thus making the whole thing unbearable. Yes, this the reason why most women prefer to take up prenatal hypnobirthing classes to avoid the stress and anxiety. But, then again, if there is some genuine cause of pain, an ailment of sorts, you are likely to experience pain. It is then that you will need birth debriefing sessions to know that you are not alone in this.

Giving birth is and should come naturally to a woman. After all, Mother Nature has prepared us for this. But, we are humans and we have our own fears. Hence, birth debriefing sessions are somewhat necessary for a woman and her family to embrace this new phase of their lives wholeheartedly and nurture the relationship between the mother and her baby.



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