Why is professional doula service important in pregnancy?

September 18, 2015
doula service

“Doula”; the word itself sounds like music in the ears of going­to­be­mothers. In such a crucial phase of their lives, doula services are regarded as an absolute must. Sometimes, even the partners fail to realize their needs and wants. The presence of a professional doula is like a sigh of relief to the husbands. Otherwise they may get all confused about how to keep their wives feel contented throughout the period. Even the women favors their doulas more than the obstetricians sometimes while giving birth.

Childbirth is a natural process but this is no more true as technology is intervening in all possible aspects of a person’s life. This is good, no doubt, but it also has its side effects. For example if a mother wants to stay off drugs and give birth naturally, the doctors and even their family members might pester them to consider their decision. After all, medicines are being treated as magic and doctors as magicians, right? But, is it really so? According to many qualified and experienced doulas all over the world, childbirth should be kept as natural as possible. And even the health care experts are supporting this fact now. So, what can you possibly do to reduce pains and other pregnancy related issues? Professional doula services can be of help here. Yes, routine classes will help you to get a grip of yourself and get accustomed to the natural ways by which your child is destined to be born. Always kep in mind, never sacrifice long term benefits for short term gains. Learn to keep your child above everything else.

What is the function of a doula?

A doula is a professional carer who looks after your physical, emotional and social needs during pregnancy. She is a non­medics but of extreme importance to pregnant mother. Once they grow a habit , they cannot do without them especially during labor. But, if you are looking for an exact explanation of their ole in your childbirth, the following point might be of some help:

  • Prepare the mother for childbirth, educating her in the entire process, how everything works and how can you make the best of everything
  • Holding debriefing sessions to ease your anxiety
  • Planning the birth of your child with written documents
  • Acting as the guide in regular prenatal exercising
  • Providing useful suggestions to ease pains of labor
  • Educating both the partners in hypnobirth and its related benefits
  •  Keeping your spirits high with massage, music and aromatherapy and so on.

Thus you can see, why a doula service is so important to be included in your birth support team. She is generally regarded as the mother of the mother as she prepares her for the most beautiful phase of her life­ motherhood.



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