Georgah Pogson

“I did Karen’s Hypnobirthing course and it was on of the best things I did. Karen was so informative and I had a great day completing the course. I would highly recommend”

Abbie Marshall

“Highly recommend. Karen is wonderful at teaching hypnobirthing and empowering. I would recommend any pregnant woman to use embracing births hypnobirthing techniques”

Zoë Berry

“I can honestly say that having such a knowlegable, kind, nurturing professional to support us was an amazing experience. Despite being under the guidance of an obstetrician i trust, the services Karen offered us added so much to my birthing experience”

Sarah Grace

“Karen had very useful information delivered in a positive atmosphere. She encourage my partner and I to ask questions and had open communication in all areas”

Britt Sneddon

“My husband and I attended Karen’s birthing class last weekend and found it very helpful for soon to be first time parents. Her warming personality made us feel comfortable”
Rosie’s Birth Story

Rosie’s Birth Story

Before knowing anything about hypnobirthing I was petrified to the core of the thought and idea of pregnancy and birth. It wasn’t until I met Karen that I attained a greater sense and understanding of the power of birth. Which in turn, helped me to turn negatives into...

The Royals Are Doing It

The Royals Are Doing It

The modern Royals fortunately are highlighting the benefits of Hypnobirthing and doula support that mums and partners having been using for decades. It was initially rumoured that William and Kate used hypnobirthing techniques to birth their children, with William in...

The Birth of Florence

The Birth of Florence

Prior to completing our Hypnobirthing course with Karen, I didn't realise how much I'd come to saviour the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Engaging with the Hypnobirthing tools in the lead up to delivery was a deeply bonding experience between my husband, myself and...