Rosie’s Birth Story


Before knowing anything about hypnobirthing I was petrified to the core of the thought and idea of pregnancy and birth.

It wasn’t until I met Karen that I attained a greater sense and understanding of the power of birth. Which in turn, helped me to turn negatives into positives and become calm and content with what was to come.

It was 19th March, early Sunday morning about 6am. I got up to go to the bathroom and whilst still half asleep I felt a warm gush, I yelled to my husband “Honey I think my water broke”.

I was only being 37 weeks, I had not yet prepared fully for this moment to be so soon, but with the knowledge that I learned from hypnobirthing and from having Karen as my doula, I did not panic or have any sense of fear, I rather had an overwhelming wave of serenity.

We live about 2 hours north of Newcastle, so first I called the hospital to chat to someone for advice. They said to come in to be assessed, so I packed a bag, (whilst eating toast that I my husband had made me), had a shower, packed the car and were ready to hit the road. I also phoned Karen to keep her updated on what my actions were.

It was all feeling so surreal, so much so that my husband and I were planning to stay at a nice hotel for the night and watch some surfing on Foxtel and get room service. Hahaha

By the time I arrived at the hospital and was checked by the nursing staff it was evident that there would be no nice hotel and I was to stay there until ready to birth.

I wasn’t feeling any surges, so I received a gate pass to process it all and my husband and I went for a drive, before coming back to settle into the hospital.

After finally installing the baby car seat and unpacking bags into the hospital room we settled in for some dinner and TV. It was about 7pm when I noticed surges starting. I noted them with my husband as we tried to drift to sleep.

Time passed and I felt that it was time to buzz for maternity staff, so around 10 pm it was time to move to the birthing suites. I called Karen to let her know and we were on our way down. We arrived in the birthing suites and Karen arrived soon after. I was prepared for whatever was to come.

I needed antibiotics, so a cannula was placed in my hand by an emergency medical doctor. This was terrible and so disruptive because he was continually talking and then took a phone call during the process. However, my birthing plan remained on track.

I jumped into the bath for a couple of hours as my labour continued to progress. I inhaled my relaxation mist and the subtle light changes on my diffuser helped me focus on my breathing.

My husband was fantastic, remembering all the techniques from the hypnobirthing classes. Karen was also able to give him cues on how and when to help

I was feeling the sensation of pressure. I got out of the bath and moved around room and tried a few positions until I found what was comfortable for me.

The surges were closer and stronger and before I knew it, I was lying on my side with the on-call obstetrician in attendance. I recalled her saying “it is time to get the baby out”. I was ready to birth, but I also remember saying I can’t do it, and I’m tired, then I was enlightened once more, my energy returned and I started to chat to everyone

Was that right? I was ready?

I waited until the next surge came. Everyone looked and me with amazement and said “concentrate” (hahaha)

So finally, with one last and final push the most fulfilling and biggest sense of relief and achievement came over me. My little girl was out into the world (around 4am).

I felt on top of the world! I could have run a marathon; I was on such a high

I had no tear or graze and no stitches required.

We named our little girl Letty. She was a tiny precious thing but very alert and content. No words can describe it.

Letty had her first breast feed, my husband sat down for a nap in the recliner (haha hard work) and we all got some much-needed rest.

Thanks again Karen for the amazing support and knowledge you gave to us

X x x x x