positive review  My husband and I completed Karen's Hypnobirthing class over the last two Saturdays. We sought her out as I was really apprehensive (well scared really) about giving birth but super pumped to be having our first baby. Karen gave us some great tools and information and completely changed my thinking around our baby's birthing day. Now we are excited and feel much more prepared to handle whatever comes our way calmly and positively. Would highly recommend Karen 😁.

    thumb Jessi Elliott
    January 21, 2019

    positive review  Karen is such an expert and I couldn’t recommend her more. My partner and I learnt so much after an antenatal class with her and she went above and beyond to meet our personal concerns and needs. She has made me view the whole process in such a positive way (as I’m terrified of birth) and so happy we chose to attend her course!

    thumb Nicole Lekatsa
    May 2, 2019

    5 star review  I worked alongside Karen recently at birth that I photographed and Karen was the private doula. I was so impressed with Karens professionalism and manner but more importantly her calm and gentle nature throughout the entire labour and birth. The way she respected and supported the birthing mum (and dad!) was so beautiful. I believe Karen played a significant role in the mum achieving a positive, peaceful and calm birth - one where she felt empowered and informed which ultimately led to her achieving the birth she had hoped for. It was a joy to watch this birth story unfold and to see the significance of a doulas’ role as part of the birth support team. Karens knowledge of birth and established relationship with the midwives and Obstratician at the hospital was excellent. Karen would be an asset to any birth!

    thumb Ashleigh Plimmer
    February 28, 2018

    5 star review  My husband and I attended one of the birth and parenting classes and absolutely loved everything about it! Karen is very passionate and positive about anything babies and childbirth, which was incredibly encouraging and comforting for a slightly nervous mumma-to-be. We walked out of the class feeling very well informed and prepared for what is ahead. Would highly recommend Karen's services to any parents-to-be �!

    thumb Nicola Trier
    April 29, 2018

    5 star review  Both my husband and I went to the 2 day course and thought it was amazing. Karen has helped us understand that there is nothing to be scared about birthing. Thank you sooooo much Karen xx

    thumb Jenna Muddle
    January 15, 2017

    positive review  A friend recommend Karen to us and after reading her online reviews and speaking to her, I knew she was the right fit for my husband and I with our first pregnancy. Over two Saturdays we undertook her Hypnobirthing class, and I can honestly say that I never thought we’d both enjoy learning about birth so much. Karen is incredibly kind, warm and professional, and her classes are conducted in small groups, where you feel safe and comfortable to ask anything. Karen was very thorough, and while we learnt a lot, we were not overwhelmed at any stage. With a few months left until our baby’s birth, both my husband and I feel prepared, calm and excited for the challenge. Karen has an incredibly positive energy and I really value how much that has affected us in preparing for a positive birthing experience. Karen will also be attending our birth as a Doula, and we are both so happy that she will be an ongoing part of our experience. Thank you Karen. Tim and Sarah

    thumb Sarah Kate
    October 25, 2018

    5 star review  Thank you so much for your expertise and advice Karen. I found the birth debrief service you provided to be invaluable in helping me choose a birth provider for this pregnancy. Discussing what I have learned from past births and the type of birth experience I would like this time really helped to clarify the type of provider that would be a good fit for me, what questions to ask and also giving me the confidence to change providers if they weren’t right. Choosing a birth support team is such an important part of preparing for birth! Your experience and impartial guidance really helped me to feel confident in my choice. I highly recommend having a birth brief/debrief with Karen to have a beautiful birth �

    thumb Peta Wilson
    April 8, 2019

    5 star review  Karen was so accommodating to work around our schedules to offer private antenatal and hypobirthing classes. Attending both of these made us feel relaxed, calm and EXCITED about going through the birthing process and beyond. We BOTH feel that we now have some wonderful tools to help support a positive birthing experience. Although we haven't had our baby yet, I personally feel that one of the best aspects of hypnobirthing is the partners involvement, empowering them to have a very important role - during the lead up to birth, and on the day (not just sit in the corner not knowing what to do or say)! Again, we haven't become parents yet...but additionally, I feel that Karen's knowledge, experience and nurturing nature enourages the right head space for becoming new parents. A head space that allows you to understand what a baby really needs, accept this, and respond appropriately - this is so important in a world where there appears to be so many pressures for babies to 'sleep through,' and follow certain (and perhaps unrealistic) routines. We cannot recommend Karen's classes enough. Karen, your passion and nurturing approach is just wonderful. THANK YOU!

    thumb Kerryn Boogaard
    July 14, 2017

    5 star review  We had our last consult with Karen today and are due in 4 weeks. To say I was anxious about my upcoming birth is an understatement! We did the condensed hypnobirthing course and my whole attitude has been turned around. Karen was understanding and positive, was very caring and made me feel confident and empowered! Im very much looking forward to the birth of our first bub and am excited about the tools she has taught us. Couldnt be happier!!

    thumb Vicky Derwin
    July 6, 2015